Is Genesis History? A Documentary Worth Watching

Our students live in a time when science and faith often seem opposed. Our friend and former steering committee member, Dave Wright reviewed the new fascinating documentary, Is Genesis History?

Recently my wife and I joined one of our youth pastors and his wife at the movies to see a one night only showing of the film “Is Genesis History?” We really enjoyed the movie and discussed it for a while afterwards. The film is informative, fascinating, and very positive in its approach. We were presented with a case for reading Genesis as historical literature in taking both the creation and flood accounts as fact. Much science was presented to support the idea of a young earth, which is a radical idea for anyone who grew up never hearing this argument. The key issues were identified as to the differences between views. The film does an excellent job of getting us to think through the issues and be open to science that supports a six day creation and a global flood. Our only critique of the movie was that we would have liked to see a more diverse set of experts. Not to be politically correct, but we noticed that nearly all the PhD experts interviewed were older white men.

What is the value of this movie in youth ministry? If your students have never been exposed to these ideas and the science behind them, they need to be. It may just raise their esteem of the trustworthiness of God’s word. The goal of course is not to raise an army of young earth creationists but to open the minds of students to facts that the Bible can explain but science has not. It’s vital as we prepare students to face the world that they can articulate a defense of scripture. This movie and similar resources allows them to see where the differences are between the popular view of evolution and the biblical account in Genesis.

Check out the trailer and visit their website for info on resources available. Also check out Dave Wright’s blog Fusion Musing: Thoughts on Youth Ministry.

Dave Wright is the Coordinator for Student Ministries in the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina. He previously served churches in suburban Chicago and Cheshire England. Dave has written extensively for a variety of youth ministry publications, contributed to The Gospel Coalition blog and authored a chapter in the book Gospel Centered Youth Ministry. He blogs occasionally at

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