Five of Our Favorite Parent Posts of 2023

Here at Rooted, our volunteer writers bless us with an abundance of biblically rich, practically helpful content for moms and dads who want to lead their children to walk with Jesus. We can never say enough about how grateful we are for our parent writers. To close out the year, the blog team thought we’d pick a handful of favorite posts (though selection was difficult because we have so many good ones to choose from!). Here are just a handful of the ones we thought you might want to read, or read again. We can’t wait to get started writing and editing new content for you for 2024. 

Happy New Year from Rooted!

When My Teenager Doesn’t Like Church by Connie Nelson

“Our kids are not saved by the most supportive Christian community, the greatest youth programs, or their demonstrations of the brightest enthusiasm for all things church-y. They’re not saved by their obedience to our most godly and wise instruction. No amount of mature insight or good behavior can contribute to their salvation. Our children’s salvation, like yours and mine, has always wholly hung on the sufficiency of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross – a complete, free gift of grace.”

The Challenge of Consistency in Parenting by Hannah Dow

“It took years for me to realize the only thing I could be consistent in was falling at the foot of the cross over and over.”

Hope for Those Tempted to Control Their Children’s Spiritual Lives by Steve Eatmon

“ …when it comes to building our kids up spiritually, there is only so much we can do. Only God can awaken someone’s heart, and only God can draw sinners to repentance, no matter their age.”

Parents, What Are You Teaching Your Kids About Money? by Tracey Rector

“If we, as parents, prepare a biblical rebuttal to each lie our kids are led to believe about money, we can lay the foundation for a faith that resists Satan’s lies and trusts God to know and provide exactly what we need.”

Descent into Hope: One Father’s Story of Addiction & Recovery by Burt Dickinson

“The long-held fear that I wasn’t enough for God began to fade as I ran into his open arms. In all my filth for the world to see, I was loved and accepted by my holy Father because Jesus died to secure my pardon for these very sins. In my deepest need, I was met and carried; in my weakness I was made strong. When I stopped looking to the world for solutions, I found my most prized possession in Jesus Christ.”

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