Rooted 2020 Q and A- Experienced Youth Ministers Answer Your Questions

Our live Q and A from the Rooted 2020 conference features experienced youth ministers answering your questions. Sedrick Moore, Becca Heck, and Kevin Yi answer questions from conference attendees alongside panel moderator Cameron Cole. Responding from a fifty-three combined years of youth ministry experience, our panelists share their practical tips as well as encouraging youth ministers in the gospel. Their answers stand on all five of Rooted’s Pillars of Gospel- Centered Youth Ministry: Gospel Centrality (of course), Relational Discipleship, Expository Bible Teaching, Parenting with Parents, and Intergenerational Integration.

You can also listen to it as a podcast here:

A few of your questions are included below, along with links to resources on the website that provide additional information.

How much time should a youth pastor devote of the ministry of presence (attending games and performances) versus one-on-one discipleship meetings?

See Youth Minister, Show Up For That Soccer Game.

What are the five most important books for a youth minister to read?

Please see our resources for those who are new to youth ministry, as well as those who are experienced youth ministers.

What are some practical ways to welcome teenagers who are not members of your church to your youth ministry?

Check out Rooted 2017: Syler Thomas on Building a Youth Ministry that Strengthens Christians and Welcomes Non-Christians.

How do we walk alongside families whose children have recently identified as LGBTQ?

Listen to Understanding and Caring For Same-Sex Attracted Teenagers. and Dr. Christopher Yuan on Holy Sexuality and the Gospel- Not Gay to Straight but Death to Life

Read Katy Perry Missed the Gospel of Grace. Out of a Far Country- Hope For Prodigals From Christopher Yuan, and Pastoring With Truth and Love to Transgender Teens.

What are some ways to equip volunteers for relational discipleship as opposed to attractional ministry?

Seeing and Being Seen: The Necessity of Relational Discipleship

Rooted Recommends: A Small Group Leader’s Guide to (Almost) Everything

How can a youth pastor establish intergenerational participation with the youth ministry?

Three Reasons Why Empty Nesters Are the Best Youth Volunteers

The Pray For Me Campaign: Hope in Intergenerational Fellowship

What are some ways a male youth pastor can wisely and personally disciple girls in a youth group?

How do Male Ministers Lead Female Students?

Ministering to Boys as a Female Youth Minister

Ideas for getting students involved with the church?

Rooted Resources for Integrating Students Into the Life of Your Church

What advice can you give to connect and partner with parents as a young, brand-new youth minister?

Please see our resources for new youth ministers: partnering with parents.

How and Why to Develop a Mission Statement for Your Youth Ministry

Brothers and Sisters, Let’s Be Professional

What’s the best way to manage the time commitment and the nebulous work of ministry?

Written for the blog, especially to answer this question: Redeeming the Time: Managing the Nebulous Work of Youth Ministry


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