Effective Preaching to the Hearts, Minds, and Feet of Youth

One of Rooted’s five pillars of gospel centered youth ministry is theological depth. We believe that an essential component of youth groups must be equipping students with a biblical worldview through expository biblical teaching. Here are just a few of our favorite articles and podcasts about Bible teaching:


The What’s and the Why’s of Teaching: A Snapshot of My Youth Ministry by Andy Cornett

In teaching here, we get the marvelous privilege to be helpful with people’s felt needs, to be sensitive toward their perceived needs, and to elevate and meet their real needs.

Youth Minister, Your Students Need Bible Teaching Now More Than Ever by Chelsea Kingston Erickson

After all, there are many other places students can go for fun and games… But where else can they go for answers to the questions that really matter in our world? Where can they go for words of hope to help them hang on in a difficult and lonely time?

Teaching Teenagers by Scott Douglas

Youth ministers find themselves in a tricky spot, having students who desire depth and insight and who are bored with the fluff of weak Bible teaching, but who may or may not be ready to handle the implications of those deep doctrinal issues.

Teenagers Want You to Teach With Depth by Skyler Flowers

We must teach the gospel to their questions. Our students are questioning the Bible’s sexual ethic, the political climate of this country, why they experience pain and suffering, and more. The Bible speaks powerfully to these questions, but if we do not create the space in our ministry or have the courage to address them, our students will find the answers elsewhere.

Three Ways I Wish My Youth Pastor Preached by Cole Shiflet

When youth pastors preach the Bible with depth, they develop students who are passionate about both who God is and what He has done, and they are more likely to hold onto their faith in Jesus into adulthood.


Kendal Conner on Kansas City and Sharing the Gospel with Generation Z 

Kendal describing why Generation Z is classified as a “Post-Christian” generation, as well as sharing the unique challenges and opportunities of sharing the gospel with this generation of students.

Dr. Bryan Chapell: Redeeming the Expository Sermon (in Youth Ministry)

Sharing insights from his book, Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon, Dr. Chapell offers ways to engage listeners’ short attention spans while preaching Christ from all parts of Scripture.

Rooted Reservoir and Conference

In addition to our blog and podcast, our Rooted Reservoir subscribers have access to all of the past training videos we develop for our Rooted Regional Groups. This month we invite subscribers to view Cameron Cole’s video Preaching to the Hearts, Minds, and Feet of Youth. If you’re a subscriber, head on over to the Rooted Reservoir site and you will find it in your library within the Rooted Regional Group Videos. Find out more about our upcoming Rooted Regional Group on August 18th.

We also produce two rounds of curricula yearly. In the spring, we offer a topical teaching series, and each summer we offer expository courses on several books of the Bible. This summer our new offerings include Romans and thirty lessons from the Psalms. Rooted Reservoir subscribers also have access to an illustrations bank to help teens make connections and applications between Scripture and the culture.

This year at our conference, seven different speakers will teach through the book of 1 Peter. In addition, the workshops we will offer on Bible teaching include:

From Frustrating to Fruitful: Hope for Your Middle School Ministry

Bible Storying: Teaching the Scriptures to a Post-Christian Generation

1+2 Samuel as Ancient Literature for Teenagers

Matthew as Ancient Literature for Teenagers

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