Devotions for Teenagers at Christmastime

Here at the beginning of December, we wanted to share one of the best-loved resources on our blog. Sixteen of our Rooted writers joined us to write a devotional specifically for teenagers, reminding them- and us, that we are loved by a God who makes promises and keeps promises. Now, more than ever, the hope we have in our promise-keeping God sustains us and gives us hope. Each devotional centers around Messianic prophecies – promises – from the Old Testament, and the wonder that each one came to be fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. You can either print out or forward along to the teenagers in your care. O Come Let Us Adore Him!

Day 1 A God of Promises by Chris Li

Day 2 Forever is A Long Time by Kendal Conner

Day 3 It Doesn’t All Have to Be Merry and Bright (Or, Permission to Fall Apart) by Mark Howard

Day 4 The Promise of Being “Too Little” by Rebecca Heck

Day 5 The Only Remedy for Our Spiritual Sickness by Katie Polski

Day 6 A Light That Breaks In by Liz Edrington

Day 7 The Once-Rejected Cornerstone by Connor Coskery

Day 8 When Christmas Leaves You Cheerless by Rebecca Lankford

Day 9 Night Vision by Seth Stewart

Day 10 They Love Me; They Love Me Not by Mac Harris

Day 11 The Weight of the World by Chelsea Erickson

Day 12 What Thirty Pieces of Silver Buys by Carolyn Lankford

Day 13 The Invitation of Immanuel: The “With Us” God by Ben Birdsong

Day 14 Rescued by the Good Shepherd by Cameron Cole

Day 15  He Will Not Faint or Grow Discouraged by Joey Turner

Day 16 Take Heart: Jesus Has Overcome by Ben Sciacca

For devotion books, please see:

Advent Devotionals for Teenagers and Families by Rooted

Christmas Matters: A Devotional From Luke’s Gospel by Anna Nash and Katy Shelton.

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