Countdown to Rooted 2015!

12 days until the start of this year’s Rooted conference in Chicago, Illinois. We are excited about all of the topics we plan to cover. In addition to our plenary sessions and workshops, we will also have a number of micro-panels and conversation groups that you won’t want to miss. 


The Struggles of Ministry in Asian-American Churches

This panel will include experienced youth pastors who work in Asian American churches. They will discuss common struggle and trends with ministry in Asian American youth and parents and talk about how they have navigated those challenges. 

What Your Daughter’s Counselor Would Tell You About Teenage Girls

The hearts of all teenagers are complex and have many layers. This panel will include clinical counselors who will share their observations of teenage girls. They will share insights to help student ministry leaders better understand the mindset of a teenage girl. 

What Youth Ministers Are Reading

This panel will include season youth ministers discussing the most influential books and publications that they have read throughout their youth ministry career. This conversation will include books about youth ministry, theology, and Christian spirituality. 

Effective Youth Ministry in a Multi-Ethnic Youth Ministry Setting

In a world that is becoming increasingly integrated, many churches have young people from a diversity of ethnic backgrounds. On this panel, student pastors in multi-ethnic churches will talk about their experience and share how they have embraced and cultivated this opportunity. 

Conversation Groups: 

Tiptoeing to Burnout: Exhausted in Youth Ministry

This discussion group will be a conversation among youth minsters who are exhausted. This session will serve as a time when tired youth pastors can talk about their challenges in staying refreshed and share encouragement with one another. 

I’m New in Youth Ministry and Just Trying to Figure This Thing Out

This session is reserved for youth pastors who are relatively new to youth ministry as a vocation. During this time, participants can share the challenges and struggles they face. Two veteran youth pastors will facilitate this conversation and offer support and wisdom.  

There is still time to register for Rooted 2015. This year, we will explore how the good news of God coming to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ offers student ministers and teenagers, hope, healing and connectedness.  

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Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry

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