Christmas is Happening! (An Advent Adventure)

I stumbled upon a website called .  It’s an Advent calendar of sorts: a daily reflection on the coming of Jesus through a combination of visual art, music, poetry and scripture.  Today’s poem is too good not to be shared:
A stranger came to the shores of the world
that we might be strangers to follow Him home.
Divinity distilled in a human babe
with eternal hopes placed on His name.
So the righteous king laid down His rights
and took on flesh, born into the night.
So small the babe whom stars obeyed,
and lit the way for new songs of praise,
for shepherds and kings, the low and the high,
He came to unite, and He came to divide.
For one thing is clear, and one thing is new:
that those that find Him become strangers, too.
And into the land of the divided sea,
His time not yet come for his life’s destiny.
For Christmas is joy and Christmas is peace,
but only He could pay for the price of release.
So anthems of angels still ring in our ears,
“Yeshua, the King, the Savior is here!”
So in the cold light of a dusty old church,
as we sing the same songs and hear the same words,
we think upon Him like generations of old,
He arrived and He lived and He died and He rose.
The stranger still from a different time zone,
He came to our hose to carry us home.