Three Ways I Wish My Youth Pastor Preached

After having the opportunity to sit under the preaching of my senior pastor and college pastor for the past two and a half years, I wish my high school youth pastors would have preached the Bible similarly: deeply, simply, and lovingly.

How to Preach to Gen Z Students

Teenagers have short attention spans. Teenagers have no filter. But teenagers are also in a critical season of their lives when they need wisdom, comfort, encouragement, truth, and hope.

Three Values for Gospel-Centered Bible Teaching

As a student minister, one of your roles as the primary spiritual leader of your ministry area is to lead in faithful Bible teaching. Not only do you have an opportunity to disciple students through your teaching, you…

Bible Storying in a Post-Christian Generation

One reality observed about Generation Z is that they are the first fully post-Christian generation in the United States. In Meet Generation Z, James Emery White defines a post-Christian generation as one raised without “even a memory of the…