More Rooted 2018 Workshops Audio


We are so excited to release more audio of the Workshops from our 2018 conference in Nashville! Over the month of December, we will release the content from all of our wonderful workshops.

This week, enjoy the following talks:

Teaching Teen About Biblical Sexuality- Walt Mueller

The Necessity of History in Discipleship- Jason Cook

The Necessity of Prayer- Dave Choi

Tools for Contextualization- Bijan Mirtolooi

As incentive to download the new Rooted App, for the time being we are only releasing the audio there (not as a podcast or directly on the blog).

In case you missed it, we have officially launched our ROOTED APP within “The Church App.” It includes links to our blog, podcasts, RRG information and so much more. To download the app, click here, or text the code “Rooted” (without quotations) to 206-859-9405. The reply will include a direct link to download the app. If you already have The Church App on your device, you can find us in the search window.


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