Rooted Recommends: “How to Raise Sons of Courage and Character” on Gospelbound


As a mom of three sons, I am always on the lookout for excellent resources to help me understand what makes boys tick and how to help them develop godly character. I don’t think they are from Mars, as the old book would have us believe, but I do think that there are some ways in which my sons are fundamentally different from me as their mother- and of course, many important ways we connect just because we are human.

This episode of the Gospelbound podcast features guest speaker Jon Tyson, who has written a book called The Intentional Father: A Practical Guide to Raise Sons of Courage and Character. Host Collin Hansen appreciates the wisdom and insight he found in The Intentional Father. Hansen writes, “Tyson’s book equips intentional fathers to help their sons reach their redemptive potential. These fathers view their task as a calling from God and raise sons with all their might. [Tyson] writes, ‘The goal is to help young men fulfill their God given values of being conformed into the image of Jesus’.”

I am not a father, but I learned a lot about sons from this conversation- other moms (and certainly dads) will too.


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