Hope This Helps: It’s All Worth It


Ministry is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve been at it for very long you know the value of collecting resources that lift your eyes to Christ during times of discouragement.

In October of 2014, I was at Starbucks trying to focus on my Hebrew homework. But in the background lurked a series of painful events unfolding at my church. Sitting there with my translation work, I was questioning myself as well as my calling to ministry. Distracted, I jumped on Facebook and saw that a friend had shared a chapel talk from our seminary entitled “It’s All Worth It” by Jeramie Rinne. Intrigued, I put down my Hebrew and watched it.

Listening to my friend’s pastor apply Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 4 to pastoral ministry was a balm for my soul that day. I wept right there in Starbucks, deeply encouraged that I wasn’t the first to experience “death by a thousand paper cuts” in ministry.

Since then I’ve listened to this chapel message nearly a dozen times. When I feel discouraged by criticism or alone in shouldering various ministry burdens, I listen again. Particularly when the voice of the Enemy creeps in to ask, “Did God really say…Did He actually call you?” Paul’s words and Jeramie’s wash over me. I pray they will encourage you as well, dear youth minster.

When you are under-supported, when you are under fire, when you are lonely or unsure of your calling—remember the God who has already conquered for you in Christ so that you can say, It’s all worth it.


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