Hope this Helps: “Taking Jesus’ Message Seriously with Teenagers”


In this article on the Fuller Youth Institute blog, guest blogger David Hertweck shares about the importance of taking the message of Jesus seriously with teenagers.

It is a holy task we as youth workers have been given, to speak the truth found in God’s Word to students. Hertweck’s article challenges us to think about how we share the message of Jesus with students, and writes about four ways we may be cheapening the message when teaching. “God is not simply saving individuals,” Hertweck writes, “God is forming a people. Likewise, God is not only rescuing men, women and children; He is at work restoring and renewing all of creation.”

This post has been both an encouragement and a challenge for me in my teaching, and I feel it is well worth the read for anyone trusted with the opportunity of teaching the hope of the Gospel to students.


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