Grace, Law and Underage Drinking


It’s hard to strike the balance between Law and Grace when teaching youth about underage drinking. It’s obviously sinful for kids to drink (see Romans 13:1-7 or any scripture about submitting to the law), and dangerous as well. For some teens, Christianity has become based on whether you party or not. Some ministries reinforce this by holding up underage drinking as the ultimate sin (second only to premarital sex). Others never talk about it in an attempt to combat the image of Christianity as pure moralism. Some kids feel that if they drink, they can’t pursue a relationship with God, but if they don’t drink, they won’t have relationships with friends. Others argue that if they don’t think it’s wrong, or their parents don’t think it’s wrong, then it’s not really wrong.

With the knowledge that all is grace, but that Jesus calls us to “be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”, how do we teach our kids about underage drinking?

In an effort to create conversation about the topic, we will be running a series of posts over the next several weeks about how to create a Law-Grace balance when teaching our kids about underage drinking.

Stay tuned!

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