2021 Rooted Conference – Virtual Option Available Now!

Did you miss out on attending Rooted 2021? Or did you attend and want to re-listen to your favorite plenary and workshop?
Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have released our conference content through Rooted Reservoir. If you did not attend the conference, you can purchase access to the audio and/or video from 8 plenaries and 23 workshops for the low price of $35. If you attended the conference, you get access to all of this conference content for free. (Access instruction are in your inbox.) All of this conference content is only available for purchase through December 31, 2021. Once you purchase the content, it will forever be available in your Rooted Reservoir library. So you can listen to it at your own pace or re-listen to it ten times over.
Rooted 2021 Conference Content Includes Plenaries and Workshops:

8 Plenaries:

  • Russell Moore
  • Sedrick Moore
  • Cameron Cole
  • Charlotte Getz
  • Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Owen Lee
  • Tish Harrison Warren
  • Davis Lacey

23 Workshops:

  • Answering Hard Questions | Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Facing Your Fear Without Losing Your Soul: How the Gospel Equips Us for Our Crisis of Courage | Russell Moore
  • How to Minister to Kids Struggling with Doubt | Shelby Abbott
  • Porn, Can We Talk Yet? | Tal Prince
  • The Gospel According to Abraham: Why Faith Comes Before Fruit | Dr. Nicholas Reid
  • Bruised Reeds and Broken Body: Responding to the Transgender Debate with Grace and Truth | Andrew T. Walker
  • Getting Hitched to the Old Testament: Jesus and His Bible | Dr. Nicholas Reid
  • Place, Proximity, Posture: Rethinking the Way You Do Missions with Teenagers | Philip Walkley
  • This Anxious Age: Finding Rest for Your Family in the Promises of God | Anna Meade Harris
  • Tribalism, Cancel Culture and Social Justice | Jason Williams
  • Come and Worship! : How to Incorporate Worship in the Home and in Your Youth Groups | Katie Polski
  • How the Gospel Frees Teens from the Pressure to Perform | Shelby Abbott
  • Politics and the Kingdom of God: Mediating in a Divided World and a Divided Home | Clark Fobes
  • Recruiting, Developing, and Keeping Volunteers | Josh Hussung
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! | Owen Lee, Huey Lee, and Soojin Park
  • Working, Watching, Weeping: Teaching Kids and Teens to Grieve and Lament | Tish Harrison Warren
  • Can’t We Just Go Back to ‘The Breakfast Club’? | Alice Churnock
  • Disequilibration: Methods Behind the Madness of Engaging Middle School Students in the Bible | Kable Cunningham
  • Gospel Formation in an Instant Gratification Culture | Kendal Conner
  • Helping Students Develop a Prayer Life | Kerry Trunfio
  • The Dechurched and Ministry to Students | Skyler Flowers
  • Rooted Across Generations, How Generations Serve and Encourage One Another | Robby Holt
  • Using Rites of Passage and Spiritual Markers in Parenting | Ben Birdsong
To view the workshop descriptions, please visit our conference website.

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