Becca Heck

Becca Heck is a veteran youth minister who has served in Atlanta, GA for the last 15 years. She recently graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta with her M.Div and a Certificate of Bible and Ethnicity from the Edimston Center at RTS. Becca served on Rooted’s Steering Committee in the early years and loves getting to be a part of all things Rooted Ministry.  She is currently working in the field of crisis management and relational reconciliation in the Church, partnering with those who are in need of meditation and healing in order to proclaim the gospel clearly and boldly. Becca has a passion for helping Church leaders be not only theologically trained, but to be gospel-centered leaders who lead with integrity, humility, and wholeheartedness. When she isn’t talking about all things Church health related, you can find her visiting her family in Indiana, trying out every coffee shop in Atlanta, borrowing friend’s dogs, and watching reruns of Friends and The West Wing.