Stephen Yates

Stephen serves as an Assistant Pastor to Students at Intown Community Church in Atlanta, GA, and is a visiting instructor at his alma mater, Covenant Theological Seminary, and the PCA’s NEXT Institute. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. The best moments of his live involve playing board games with his wife, Krissi, and children Julianna and Judah.

Loving Our Students to Death

It is right for us to want our students to be cared for, regardless of the inconvenient timing and severity of their pain. Still, our goal should be to remove ourselves from any sort of hero position and instead point our students to the true Hero—Jesus.

Talking about Worldview…Again? A 6-week series

“Worldview” is one of those buzzwords those of us in ministry love. The idea of worldview has been gaining traction in youth ministry circles over the past few years, with camps, Christian schools, and devotionals all trying to…

The Gospel and Inconvenient Youth

When people ask me why a focus on Gospel-centeredness is so critical in youth ministry, my response comes to me in faces: Robbie and Kevin, adopted brothers struggling to integrate into their family. Charlie, for whom I stumbled…