Kris Fernhout

Kris currently serves as Director of the Kansas City Fellows and has been a youth ministry practitioner for more than 20 years. In addition to loving Jesus and loving teenagers, he also has a deep appreciation for all things coffee, cycling and Djing. He recently completed his Doctor of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary and is a Sticky Faith certified coach. He’s been married to his wife Heather for more than 20 years and has two daughters.

Reclaiming the Beauty of Adolescence

Youth ministry is not just about pointing adolescents to the cross and helping them plan for eternity. Youth ministry is an opportunity to help them experience Jesus’ kingdom today.

Grace for My Stoned Teenager

Teaching the concept of grace to students is easy. The stories of forgiveness in the face of wrongdoing are the kind of stories that have kids riveted and hanging on your every word. Practicing grace is too often…

Jesus Doesn’t Want You to Be Nice

I thought I had taught a great lesson. I had brought scripture to life, provided thoughtful application points, and used some great illustrations from my own life. I, along with my youth volunteers, sat in small groups and…

The Cure for Teenage “Affluenza”

On Monday, April 2nd, Ethan Crouch was released from prison. He is the teenager who killed four other people in a drunk driving incident and then pleaded not-guilty to the charges because he claimed to be suffering from…