Josh Hussung

Josh Hussung is the Pastor of Youth and Families at Grace Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and has been in youth ministry for over 18 years. He holds an Mdiv in Pastor Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Josh and his wife, Laura, have been married since 2005 and have four children – Isaac, Eliana, Asa, and Asher. Josh seeks to equip students to grow as disciples of Christ by pointing them to the word of God, the church, and ministry. In addition to serving as a Rooted mentor, Josh’s writing has been published on the Rooted blog and


Hope For Today’s Anxious Teen

Let’s be honest. Anxiety among teens was a hot topic before the pandemic. Teenagers today seem to be more anxious than those of any previous generation. Adding isolation and uncertainty about the future just throws dynamite into an…

A Gospel Prayer for the Completion of Homework

I had coffee with a student not long ago, during which he expressed to me his anxiety over getting everything just right, and the difficulty of putting an assignment to rest. These prayers came out of that conversation.