Joe Gibbes
Joe Gibbes is the Rector of the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Jacksonville, FL.  He and his wife Amy have been married for 20 years, but they don’t feel as old as that makes them sound.  They have 3 beautiful children who give Joe every opportunity to pray without ceasing.

Jesus Christ is Risen Today: An Easter Meditation

You’ve had your pastel suits laid out for days; the kids have been wondering about the contents of their Easter baskets for the last two weeks. You’ve known what was coming. Though you walked solemnly and reverently through…

The Good in Good Friday: A Holy Week Meditation

In Christianity’s seemingly upside-down economics, we call the death of our hero, our teacher, our miracle worker, and our God, ‘good.’ For outside observers, Good Friday is often just one more bit of evidence that Christianity doesn’t make…

And It Was Night: A Holy Week Meditation

“And it was night.” These four words from John 13:30 comprise one of the most ominous sentences in all of Scripture. It is the night before Jesus was to die, after the main course of the Passover meal….