Isaiah Brooms

After spending 15 years teaching and working in both high school and Higher Education Isaiah finally answered the call to step into the spiritual development of today’s youth. He grew up in inner-city Chicago in a neighborhood formerly known as one of the worse places to live in America (Cabrini Green). His belief in God, education and a mother who modeled the importance of both helped me to not only survive the circumstances of my youth but to develop a strong faith in God and a solid conviction about the importance of an active relationship with Him. Currently Isaiah is on the board of TutoringChicago (a tutoring program based in the inner-city), is a Postulant for Ordination, a student at Trinity School for Ministry and the Director of Youth Ministry (Middle and High School) at Restoration Anglican Church in Arlington, VA.

The Single Narrative of True Hope

On 12/12/12, the day the Mayans said the world would end, I sat in on the closing of my first house thinking, “Well, if the Mayans are right, at least I’ll die a home owner.” On 12/13 I…