Ciana Creighton
Ciana Creighton is an Associate Director, Mayor’s Office of Policy in the Executive Office of the Mayor, Washington D.C. She holds a Masters of Public Health from John Hopkins and credits her faith and direct service experience for propelling her into a vocation of public service. Ciana grew up in a small town in Connecticut where she and her family were active members of a small congregation. From a young age whenever she went into Manhattan to see a play or go to a restaurant, Ciana would ask her parents why she saw people asking for food. This attention to the most vulnerable continued into her teenage years and was magnified on her first mission trip to Nassau, Bahamas. During her college and grad school years at Loyola University and the Johns Hopkins, Ciana served in children’s ministry and as a young adult Bible study leader at Grace Fellowship Church in Baltimore, MD. She also spent a summer serving as Youth Intern at the First Congregational Church of Hamilton, MA. Ciana loves to travel the world and often chooses future destinations based on hikes she hopes to complete.