Anna Nash

Anna Nash is an entrepreneur who has a passion for helping people find God’s calling in life and in work. As a Life Coach, Anna is the director of Beacon People which guides, connects and launches people into higher purpose living. She is the author of pathFinder: A Journey Towards Purpose, wayMaker, Seeing and Experiencing God Like Never Before, and co-author of Christmas Matters– How the Birth of Jesus Makes a Difference Everyday and Easter Matters – How the Resurrection of Jesus Changes You. She resides in Birmingham, Alabama, and is married to Tyler. They have 4 grown children and own Innova Coffee, a place where Anna loves to share a fresh cup of coffee and a warm conversation. More about Anna at

Free to Pray for My Children

My earliest childhood memories are wrapped in feelings of gratitude for the heritage of prayer in our modest home. Rather than saying, “It’s time to pray,” I remember my parents saying, “It’s time to talk to God.” In…