Adam Peterson

Adam has been working with students since his days at the University of Colorado, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. But the Lord promptly called him instead into the wonderful world of youth ministry. He and his wife Sharayah enjoy Rockies baseball, English soccer, and enjoying all the Memphis has to offer.

How Acts Informs Our Summer Missions

Take a look at some of our summer favorites this week across the Rooted Blog!  A few years ago we were having a discussion about the summer trips for our high school ministry. We had a long history…

Secular Wisdom from the Movies: The Avengers

In this series, “Secular Wisdom from the Movies,” we hope to offer student leaders a resource – whether for summer programming or just regular teaching. So often we overlook biblical insight from the secular world. The movies in…

“Is the Gospel of Grace Even for My Abusers?”

This is the first article in our series, “The Hard Questions.” Being a student minister is tough. You’re often the person being approached with some of life’s most challenging questions. Sometimes you know what to say right away….