Why Should I Attend the Rooted “Pre-Conference”?

“Bill” is a new youth worker. He’s coming to Rooted for the first time and is super excited. We’re so glad he’s coming. But Bill also brings to the conference all sorts of questions and struggles that are different and unique from those of the veteran youth workers and parents who will sit next to him. He’s caught up in the excitement of his new ministry even as he’s overwhelmed by the responsibility and options that lay before him.

The heart behind the pre-conference is this: “Bill, we’re committed to helping you get a strong start.” Whereas the remainder of the Rooted Conference is focused for a broad group of parents and youth workers, the pre-conference is specifically designed to invest in newer youth workers.

How do you know if the Pre-Conference would be good for you?

  • Is this your first youth ministry conference?
  • Have you been serving in youth ministry for under three years?
  • Have you served in youth ministry for a long time, but are just now realizing your ministry wasn’t “Gospel Centered,” and you’re trying to figure out what that means?

If any of those things are true of you, then register for the pre-conference HERE… you won’t regret it.

The following sessions will be smaller groups, highly interactive, and prepared with you in mind, led by experienced youth workers.

I’m overwhelmed… where do I even begin?! Playing catch-up is never fun, so get a strong start as you begin your ministry. Rooted’s Chairman, Cameron Cole, shares a helpful framework and practical advice on how to get started in, “The Most Important Goal in Your First Year of Youth Ministry.”

What should I be doing? Since you can’t do everything, it’s important to have conviction about what you should be doing. Kris Fernhout will present Rooted’s foundational core of gospel-centered ministry in his workshop, “Five Pillars of Effective Youth Ministry”

I don’t understand my students! A shepherd must know his sheep, and a communicator must know both his message (gospel) and his audience (teenagers). Youth culture changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up! Mike McGarry offers a framework for faithful contextualization in, “Understanding What Teenagers Believe (and the gospel’s response).”

How do I teach so that students will actually listen? Even the most experienced preacher can struggle to help teenagers understand Scripture and to see how it shapes their daily lives. Justin Pillsbury will help you build a solid foundation for your teaching through “Effectively Teaching the Bible to Youth.”

The Pre-Conference will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 26 from 1-3PM. Register for the pre-conference and conference by clicking here. If you are already registered for the conference and you want to add the pre-conference to your registration, email emily@rootedministry.com.

Mike McGarry is the Director of Youth Pastor Theologian, has served as a Youth Pastor for 18 years in Massachusetts, and has two youth group aged kids at home. He earned his D.Min. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has published three books – most recently, “Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith.” Mike is committed to training youth workers to think biblically about what youth ministry is and to training them to teach theologically with confidence. You can connect with him on social media @youththeologian.

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