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Rooted is thrilled to announce the launch of our new project: Rooted Family Discipleship. Both Scripture and research tell us that the parent is the number one spiritual influence in a child’s life. And yet, parents feel overwhelmed by such a daunting task. Enter Rooted Family Discipleship on Rooted Reservoir!

These online video courses were designed to encourage and equip parents as they seek to disciple their children in the home. In these courses, parents will learn from pastors, parents, and professional counselors about discipleship topics such as: idolatry, parenting across cultures, talking to your child about sex, pornography, Bible reading, and much more. 

Read below as Cameron Cole, Founding Chairman of Rooted, explains why family ministry is at the heart of Rooted’s mission and vision. Rooted cares deeply about making sure every parent feels well-equipped in their important task of guiding their child towards life-long faith in Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that these videos and accompanying Bible studies do just that. 

Be on the lookout for the official launch of Rooted Family Discipleship in September, 2022! Catch a sneak peak of some of the classes offered here. 

Dear Rooted Family,

I’m Cameron Cole and I’m the chairman of Rooted. Our vision is that every child would receive grace-filled, gospel- centered, Bible-saturated, discipleship both at church and at home. 

Today I want to talk to you about a new ministry resource that we are coming out with that I think is one of the most exciting things that Rooted has ever done. It is called Rooted Family Discipleship. 

One thing we know biblically — but that research is reinforcing — is that parents have more spiritual influence over their kids than any other source. 

Christian Smith, who is the leading religious sociologist on the spiritual lives of young people has come out with a new study and book called “Handing Down the Faith.” And here’s what he says: “some readers might be surprised to know that the single most powerful influence on the religious lives of American teenagers and young adults is the religious lives of their parents. Not their peers, not the media, not their youth group leaders or clergy, not their religious school teachers. Myriad studies show that beyond a doubt, the parents of American youth play a leading role in shaping the character of their religious and spiritual lives, even well after they leave home and often for the rest of their lives.”

We can see that one of the best things a church can do for the young people in their church is equip the parents to spiritually invest in their lives. 

Here’s the problem: most churches do not have the resources or the time to have a parent discipleship-equipping ministry. 

Rooted Family Discipleship Curriculum is a major step in enabling every church– regardless of size and resources— to have a ministry where they equip parents to invest spiritually in the lives of their young people. 

Rooted Family Discipleship Curriculum includes video courses where authorities on ministry to young people offer education, encouragement, and equipping for parents and the church. Each course includes a companion Bible study. 

Now, churches can use these videos in multiple ways: they can use them in small group Bible studies, Sunday School classes, you can do a seminar at the church using the videos, like a sex education seminar. Or, individual parents can access content online:  when a church subscribes to Rooted Family Discipleship, all the members of the church have access to the video courses and the content. 

There are three different payment options, and each class comes with both a Bible study for both the leader and for participants. 

Topics cover things like: pornography, idolatry, Gospel 101, talking to your children about sex, and discipleship practices in the home. We’ll be adding new content to Rooted Family Discipleship Curriculum throughout the year. This is the core of Rooted Family Discipleship

We hope that this will be a blessing to your church, and we really do believe that this is a major step in enabling every church to have a parent discipleship-equipping ministry.  

Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry

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