1&2 Kings Curriculum

1&2 Kings

A Rooted Yearlong Curriculum – $225

This 26-lesson curriculum on 1 Kings and 2 Kings that teaches students about the faithfulness of God.

  • 1 Kings

    Written by Seth Stewart, Edited by Tucker Fleming

    • Lesson 1: Who Gets the Throne? (1 Kings 1)
    • Lesson 2: Solomon Takes the Throne (1 Kings 2)
    • Lesson 3: Solomon Asks for Wisdom (1 Kings 3)
    • Lesson 4: Solomon Builds a Kingdom (1 Kings 4-5)
    • Lesson 5: Solomon Builds the Temple (1 Kings 6-7)
    • Lesson 6: Solomon’s Temple Is Dedicated (1 Kings 8)
    • Lesson 7: The Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 9-10)
    • Lesson 8: Solomon’s 700 Wives (1 Kings 11)
    • Lesson 9: Israel’s Civil War (1 Kings 12-14)
    • Lesson 10: Idols Are Just Boring (1 Kings 15-16)
    • Lesson 11: The Power of God’s Word (1 Kings 17-18)
    • Lesson 12: The Insanity of Saying “No” To Mercy (1 Kings 19-20)
    • Lesson 13: Naboth’s Vineyard (1 Kings 21-22)
  • 2 Kings

    Written by Seth Stewart, Edited by Tucker Fleming

    • Lesson 14: Elisha Succeeds Elijah (2 Kings 1-2)
    • Lesson 15: God, Our Provider (2 Kings 3)
    • Lesson 16: Elisha Brings Life to Dire Situations (2 Kings 4)
    • Lesson 17: Namaan’s Leprosy (2 Kings 5)
    • Lesson 18: God’s Protection (2 Kings 6:1-23)
    • Lesson 19: Ahab’s Dynasty Gets More Mercy (2 Kings 6:24-8:6)
    • Lesson 20: Jehu: Right Actions, Wrong Heart (2 Kings 8:7-10:35)
    • Lesson 21: Two Kings Named Joash (2 Kings 11-13)
    • Lesson 22: The Problem of Mercy (2 Kings 14:1-15:7)
    • Lesson 23: Israel’s Idolatry, God’s Redemption (2 Kings 15:8-17:41)
    • Lesson 24: King Hezekiah (2 Kings 18-20)
    • Lesson 25: Josiah: The Last Good King (2 Kings 21:1-23:30)
    • Lesson 26: Judah in Exile (2 Kings 23:31-25:30)
Seth Stewart, Writer

Seth Stewart is a husband and a dad, and after a decade in student ministry is now working as the Editor-in-Chief at Spoken Gospel. Spoken Gospel creates online resources that point to Jesus from every passage of Scripture. Seth spends his day writing, speaking, and being his family’s chef.

Tucker Fleming, Editor

Tucker Fleming was raised in the Atlanta area and attended both Mississippi State University and Beeson Divinity School. He’s lived and worked throughout the country in schools and non-profit organizations, and has worked with students for a decade, with over half of that time being in the local church.

Rooted’s Scope & Sequence

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All the lessons you need for your students’ entire time in your ministry — from brand new middle schooler to high school graduate. Whether you choose to walk through the Bible chronologically or you’d rather stick with a developmental stage approach, we have both plans written out for you, free of charge! Download the Scope & Sequence Plans for free, and purchase all the included curriculum in the Scope and Sequence Bundle to get started.


“Unlike some of the other Student Ministry curriculum we have used that tries to cover the entire Bible in a year, Rooted allows us to carefully and exegetically walk through books of the Bible at our own pace. We truly enjoy the fact that Rooted has many options that allow us to pick the books of the Bible that we want to study for the year. We love how engaged our students have become with the Holy Scriptures, the lesson, and each other.”

James N. | Youth Pastor | Southern Oaks Baptist Church

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What will students learn from 1 Kings & 2 Kings? 

In the book of Kings we see God’s love and life from the dead are just as present in the Old Testament. For all of your students who are confused or feel jolted by the differences between the Old and New Testaments, the book of Kings is for them.

Many of our friends are “deconstructing.” Generally that’s because a spiritual institution or leader failed them greatly. This type of failure is all over the book of Kings. Even supposedly good kings like David, or things like the temple failed to live up to its ideal. And in once sense, Scripture “deconstructs” these failed institutions; Israel does go into exile, for example. But Scripture also holds out hope for the rebuilding and reformation of God’s people. What this teaches our teenagers is that Scripture is very aware of the flaws of leaders and institutions and has, for centuries, offered correction and critique. Churches and leaders are held responsible for their failures, if not in this life, then by God. We shouldn’t abandon what God has been working to correct, but join Him in His project of mercy and reformation.

We all, and perhaps especially our students, need to be reminded of God’s mercy. While we all make mistakes and sin frequently, some of the most egregious, regrettable, and just plain dumb choices are made as teenagers. In fact, many of Israel’s kings are teenagers (or younger!) when they take the throne. But even if it’s not true that most mistakes are made in our teens, teens often feel that their mistakes will negatively and irreparably impact the rest of their lives. But the book of Kings shows us that God is merciful to even the most hard-hearted and sinful people and He always gives second chances.